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Anti Icon heeft laat weten dat ze er voor een tijdje mee gaan stoppen. Check hun statement:

Some of you might have already heard something about this but we’re posting this message so we can eradicate all rumours.

The last few months have been very stressfull and a lot has happend inside and outside of the band. It’s hard to explain why, but we’ve decided it would be best to take a small break from it all. We would like to make clear that this will only be a break so we can concentrate on some of the other things happening in our lives and we have no intentions of quiting. We have no idea how long this break will last but we’re gonna take all the time we need to get back on track. During this break we’re still gonna be writing new material and we hope we can hit the stage somewhere next year with a brand new set, new energie and twice the motivation. We want to thank everyone who’s ever been part of this experience, you know who you are and we hope you’ll be there as well in a few months.

Wie de band nog wilt zien heeft geluk, want er staan nog enkele shows voor de boeg: 10 september @ Voskesfeesten (Lochristi, BE), 15 oktober @ RMP Fest (Aarschot, BE) en 22 oktober @ MetalNight 4 (Lochristi, BE).
Speciaal voor de fans heeft Anti Icon daarom zijn debuut-EP “Contrast” volledig online gezet.

Klik hier om de EP te beluisteren.