Zanger uit Zomergem

Atreus was formed in West-Flanders, Belgium in 2005 from former members of Existence Denied. As a death-metal collective we want to create the most excessive death-metal sounds imaginable, redefining the genre by injecting it with unprecedented doses of energy and diversity.
Atreus has spent the next few years refining their sound through arduous rehearsals and sporadic live performances. This resulted in the 2008 demo “The Unbearable Lightness of Dying”.

In 2010 Atreus hit “Shumcot Studio” in Aartrijke, Belgium with producer Reinier Schenk (known for his work with Gorath, Saille, Fractured Insanity and Fleshmould) and recorded and mixed their ferocious songs for a full-blown concept album called “The Flesh of Human Sacrifice”.
Afterwards they send it to Morbid Mastering in Tucson, USA to let it be mastered by Daniel Guenther.