Frostbitten wastelands of het Meetjesland

Andy Windels (Vocals) – Willem Depraet (Guitar) – Bart De Decker (Bass)
Tim Matthijs (Guitar) – Bart Verhé (Drums)

Hailing from the frostbitten wastelands of the “Meetjesland”, this black metal band serves you with a blend of fierce black metal and melancholic tunes.
Founded in 2006 by members of Devastation, Days of Betrayal and The Evil Pony’s, Heidrun started the search for it’s own identity and the required reinforcements. Frontman Andy joined the pack and after first bass player – Gio – left the horde, Bart DD filled the empty spot. Five members with a wide spread of incluences started writing songs in the vein of Immortal, Kampfar, Enslaved, Primordial, Unanimated, Bathory…

As the music matured, a first EP was recorded in the summer of 2010. “In the shades of the mountain ash”  contains the 5 songs, representing the band on that moment.
Heidrun keeps evolving and is writing songs in preparation of new recordings.