From Eeklo

4 guys came together in the summer of 2010. They started to jam and improvise, when all of a sudden something magical took place: a bee came flying into the room and kept on flying ’round and ’round.
The guys started to get irritated by this bee, so they decided to terminate its already very short life. They only had to try once: they hit the bee and and sent it to the eternal fields, full of honey, and gold, and a lot of hot, virgin bee queens.
The splashes of beeblood spat all around and up against the wall, the beeblood formed a word. A very peculiar word by all means: TARMA.
The guys started wondering what this was all about but soon they realised this was supposed to be the name of their band. It was a sign!
That very day, they started writing songs. Songs with that very same touch of gold and honey, just like in bee-adise.
We will always commemmorate this small creature, for thanks to him, Tarma has arisen…