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Af en toe kom je ook iets interessant tegen op facebook!

Metal From Belgium (groep actief op FB) heeft een interviewke gehouden met Willem Depraet, gitarist van The Evil Pony’s en Heidrun.

“How did the Evil Pony’s started?

WILLEM: Booze and music… a good combination? Well it was at least the start of the Evil Pony’s! 4 friends shared their love for metal music and the beautiful language of the Meetjesland which lead – in combination of lots of Krüger Export and Mazout (beer mixed with cola) – to the startup of the Evil Pony’s (around 2004). Rehearsal on Sunday afternoon resulted in eating cake and ice cream, drinking coffee and creating some songs with hit potential. A first gig in the garage of our singer made us realize that we were ready to conquer the world, in which we almost succeeded. And the joke still continues!

With “Heidrun” you combine 2 bands. How do you organize this? What is the difference in working in the bands?

WILLEM: Making time for rehearsal is a matter of good planning. 1 rehearsal per week with each band, strictly timed and of course no drinking to make the rehearsals very efficient.

You know, it’s all for fun and there is no deadline so we just do what we feel like. We do rehearse frequently but sometimes we just sit and joke around.

There is also a big difference between the way of working in the bands. In the Evil Pony’s, I’m the only guitar player so the main song ideas come from me. Mostly these are created at home, while playing guitar in my home studio. Then the final song structure is created in the rehearsal room.

Heidrun’s music is much more created in cooperation with the other band members during hours of jamming.

Which Belgian metal band or regular band inspired you the most? What did you learn of that band?

WILLEM: Hmmm… difficult question. I think that was the Kreuners, Paul Severs and Belgian Asociality. Bands like Enthroned and Ancient Rites come into the picture as well but the real love for metal music was created in the local scene with bands like The Difference, Bataklan and Nagasaki 45. Just feeling the vibe and energy from metal music made me decide to start playing the guitar.

What did I learn from them? Probably drinking beer… “

Metal From Belgium vind je hier: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Metal-From-Belgium/145467152189659